Women in Business Wellness Retreat

Elevate Your Financial, Physical, and Spiritual Health

June 21-23, 2024

Do you feel pulled in too many directions that all seem essential? Are you constantly giving your energy and finishing each day completely depleted?  Are you using all of your efforts to support others and totally neglecting your own self-care?  Do you feel out of balance and out of touch with yourself?

Women in business face many unique challenges. We want to be everything to everyone and often feel stretched thin.  Our Financial, Physical and Spiritual wellness each play an equally important part in our overall happiness.  If we place all of our attention on just one of these very important elements, we lose an opportunity to exist at our highest self.   We CAN have it all!

The Women in Business Wellness Retreat will help you cultivate the tools to bring balance to your financial, physical and spiritual health that we all deserve. We will gather together to deep dive into successful techniques for business growth, functional wellness, and emotional/spiritual health.  You will walk away inspired and rejuvenated to create a life of balance in the three foundational pillars of financial, physical and spiritual well-being.

Escape for this summer weekend wellness retreat just outside Austin at the enchanted Lotus Ranch in Wimberley, Texas! Enjoy time to yourself or with a friend by taking in the spectacular views from this very peaceful ranch.

Your blissful experience includes shabby-chic accommodations with shared bath (think upscale camp for adults), delicious gourmet vegetarian cuisine, daily classes viewing the summer colors from several tranquil spaces and life inspiring sessions. Bring your walking shoes and bathing suit to enjoy 2.5 miles of hiking trails and the 10-person hot tub.

In addition, you will receive a Complete Blood Panel with analysis by our certified health professional, so you can customize your wellness program to meet your personal health goals.

This retreat is for EVERY woman in business seeking growth, connection and a revitalizing weekend!

Your retreat facilitators are all women in business who are leaders in their industries and continue to cultivate all three instrumental pillars into their own lives while empowering others to do the same.


Dr Letitia Heshmat

Business Growth Expert

Letitia founded, built and is scaling the fastest growing occupational health company in the nation by providing concierge-style health programs to employers of all sizes. She is a dedicated entrepreneur, a hands-on leader and investor that supports new business development. Her passions lie in helping humans, reducing workplace injuries and is an ardent conversationalist of investments and business ideations. She is an avid follower and student of leadership and business principles as taught by world renowned speaker and businessman, Tony Robbins. Using principles learned in business as well as conferences she has attended around the globe, Letitia will be holding sessions focused on business growth, and financial freedom through owning your business rather than operating it.

Dr. Jenna Valentine

DACM, LAc - Holistic Wellness Practitioner

Jenna has dedicated her life to helping others improve their physical and spiritual wellness through acupuncture and functional/holistic medicine. As a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and licensed acupuncturist who is certified in functional medicine, Dr. Valentine strives to find tangible, accessible ways to incorporate health and wellness into our fast paced lives. She is the owner and primary practitioner at Valentine Care in Austin, TX. (valentinecare.com or IG @valentinecarewellness). Jenna will be bringing her holistic approach to speak on ways to easily obtain balance and wellness in our everyday life and build a framework for sustaining this long term.

Kim Goyette

Yoga Instructor and Spiritual Coach

Kim is a yogini, mother and lover of life. She began her yogic journey in 2006 when she was searching for balance while working in an extremely stressful position in corporate America. Her love of yoga grew as her personal practice provided a powerful way to rejuvenate her energy and nourish herself. Her positive experience motivated her to share these meaningful tools with others by becoming a yoga teacher. Kim has her Masters in Exercise Science, her 200-hour yoga certification and has studied and practiced meditation since 2005. She has been teaching corporate, private and public yoga classes and retreats for over fourteen years. Her passion for bringing life balance to the hectic worlds of her students, drove her to develop programs for the community that provide tools for overall well-being and self-care. As the owner of Meditation Mutha, Kim holds meaningful retreats all around the world which empower her students to have wellness of mind, body and spirit through yoga, meditation, breath work, ritual and dance.

Getting There

Located in Wimberley, Texas, Lotus Ranch is just 45 minutes from Austin, one hour from San Antonio, 3-hours from Houston and 4-hours from Dallas.

Check in is at 3pm on Friday, June 21st, 2024 and includes dinner that evening. Check out is at 3pm after brunch and our special session on Sunday, June 23rd, 2024.

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